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Additional Security Measures You Can Implement To Make Your Garage Doors More Secure

Owning good quality, high functioning garage doors is one of the most important home security features you can implement. Garage doors act as a barrier between you, your belongings and any potential thieves.

There are a number of garage doors on the market today that offer varying levels of protection. Sectional and roller doors, for example, have limited external access and some have electronic locking mechanisms. These would be considered more secure than, say, traditional up and over doors. In this article we have compiled a list of additional security measures you can implement to your existing doors to improve their functionality. Whichever doors you have or choose it is important that you are able to maximise the security they offer. In improving your garage door security you can be confident that your belongings will be safe and secure.

Starting With The Basics

We are going to start with the most fundamental security feature you can implement to improve your home’s security: make sure the door is locked. It may seem rather obvious to advise that you attend to your garage door lock. If you run on a busy schedule it is, unfortunately, something that can be missed or forgotten. Make a conscious effort to lock your garage door at night as, after-all, the contents of garages are usually valuable. We suggest that you take the same consideration for your garage door as you would your front door.

Invest In A Security Lights And/Or CCTV System

A great way to improve the general security of your garage is to purchase, along with a high quality garage door, a security light system. These lighting systems use motion sensors to detect movement in and around your garage. Having a high quality lighting system to illuminate your drive on detection of movement will surely deter any optimistic thieves from attempting to break in. The same can be said for an external CCTV system. Depending on your budget you may wish to purchase one or both of these items. Chances are, if a thief notices an operational CCTV camera above the garage door they are much less inclined to try their luck.



Simple Yet Effective: The Garage Defender

Garage Defenders are a reliable solution to additional garage security. They typically offer an easy to install installation process and provide effective security against intruders. You are supplied with bolts that fix and secure the system into the ground. These work on block paving, concrete etc. As long as the surface is flat the system can be utilised. Once the system is secured to the ground a padlock is attached to a bolt which keeps your Garage Defender locked. Once it is secure and functioning it makes opening or jimmying the garage door extremely difficult. A Garage Defender is a cost effective and reliable means to furthering the security of your garage door.

Reduce Outside Visibility

Many modern variations of the garage door have windows which allow natural light to seep in. The only problem with this is that potential thieves can exploit this and catch a glimpse of your valuables. This improves the likelihood of a break in significantly. If you do have a window on your garage door we suggest fitting an internal blind to reduce outside visibility. If this isn’t possible perhaps look to keep any valuables kept in the garage locked away in cupboards or under protective covers. Fundamental to Improving your garage security is not allowing there to be a perception of vulnerability.




Quality Is Important

It may be an attractive option to try and save money where possible when improving your home. This can, however, be counter productive where home security is concerned. Your garage door acts as a security barrier between your belongings and potential burglars. These belongings, for the most part, tend to be of value: a car, garden tools, hardware. It is important then to invest in quality garage doors to not give off the impression of vulnerability. If a thief is considering breaking into your garage and the garage door is of poor quality it could be argued that they are far more likely to try their luck. A high quality, strong garage door will act as a functional security system. Not only will it prevent a break in but it will act as a visual deterrent which could, potentially, derail any attempts.

This applies to general maintenance also. Ensuring your garage door maintenance is up to date will act as a visual deterrent to any burglars. If parts of the door are rusted or broken a burglar may be more likely to try and gain access.


We hope you found the following article useful. Here at Doorfit we have a wide range of high quality strong garage doors to choose from. For a quote or to obtain expert advice from one of our team do not hesitate to get in touch.