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CE Marking Legislation – Quality Garage Doors

For a number of years, CE marking metal and timber garage door products under the  Construction Products Directive (CPD) has been the best way to show that a product is completely safe to use and that it complies with all regulations. But, from July 2013, legislation is set to change.  From next year, the CPD is set to be replaced by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), and under this regulation, all products will be legally required to be CE marked.

While all members of the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) currently supply and install products that are CE marked, in the future it will be mandatory for all manufacturers and installers to CE mark.  Not only will it prove legal compliance, and therefore be a viable defence against any legal claim should an accident occur, it also proves that the products used and sold meet the relevant industry standards, as well as quality and fit-for-purpose requirements.

In order to ensure that both suppliers and end users benefit from the new legislation, the DHF have produced a best practice guide to assist their members in understanding exactly what is required of them and what their obligations are when it comes to providing and installing CE marked products.

As members of the DHF, Doorfit are committed to supplying and installing all products in line with the high standards and legislation set out by the CPD, and, when the time comes, the CPR.  That way, you can be confident that when you come to Doorfit for your automatic garage door, you know you’re dealing with a professional company whose products and installation services fully comply with the high standards and legislation outlined by the CPD.

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