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Comparing 1 Star, 3 Star & Ultion Sold Secure Diamond Cylinders Locks

So many locks claim to be “anti-snap” but with so many kitemarks and standards what level of security are you actually getting with your locks?


TS007 is a technical specification from the Door and Hardware Federation alongside the Glass and Glazing Federation. Introduced due to the increased burglary threats and locks breaks from the availability of techniques on the internet, the standard sets high-security standards for lock cylinder and door hardware.

The TS007 comprises of a 3-star rating system.

Star Ratings Explained

The stars you see against locks are awarded when a cylinder has passed certain criteria of the TS007 British standard. The lower the stars the lower the standard of protection the lock is going to offer.

Are all star-rated cylinders anti-snap?

Homeowners need to be aware that in order to protect against a lock snapping attack, they need to fit a cylinder that has been tested for snap resistance and approved to either Sold Secure Diamond level or at least have the 3-star Kitemark. Contrary to popular belief a snap cylinder, even with a 1-star Kitemark is not anti-snap, no matter what it says on the packaging.

★ 1-star rating

1-star cylinders are those which have passed the criteria for the British Kitemark so should resist drilling, picking and bumping; however, they have NOT passed snapping tests.

For these cases, additional 2-star level door handles can be purchased to meet an overall TS007 3-star rating.

★★★ 3-star rating

Cylinders awarded 3-stars have passed all TS007 tests including lock snapping tests.

★★★ 3-star Sold Secure Diamond Rating

A 3-star Sold Secure Diamond rating, means a cylinder/lock has been tested above and beyond the usual standards required for TS007, and has also been tested by the Master Locksmiths Association.


Why should I be bothered about the star rating of my locks?

Burglars are becoming more sophisticated in the way in which they enter properties and with it so should your security and the offering of door locks.
Sold Secure is the premier testing and certification house for security products. So when you’re looking for an anti-snap cylinder, check if it has the coveted Sold Secure logo on the packaging and the Diamond stamped on the cylinder.



Why Ultion?

Tested above and beyond the usual standards, the 3-star SoldSecure Diamond cylinders offered by Ultion promise protection for your home against snapping.

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