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Door Handles: A Complete Guide

What’s a door without its handle? Not much, as it turns out. In the guide below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about door handles. We’ll talk you through the most popular styles, where these are best used and how they all work. Enjoy! 

What Does A Door Handle Do? 

If it weren’t for door handles, it’d be difficult to use a door properly. Door handles are the tools we rely on to open ourselves up to – or close ourselves off from – the many different areas of a private or business property. Crucially, each type has its advantages, as well as its own distinct look and feel. 

Your choice of door handle can be made to complement your décor, increase your safety or both. 

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Different Types Of Door Handles And How They Work 

How this type of door furniture works depends on the style of door handle you choose. 

Door pull handles, as you might have guessed, are fixed to a door to allow the user to enter or leave an area by pulling the door towards them. This type of door handle is often found on shop doors, public bathrooms and the exterior of pubs and restaurants. 

Common household door handles tend to work on levers and are divided into two categories: lever on backplate and lever on rose. Lever on backplate designs can be identified by the presence of a large, often rectangular backplate that secures the handle to the door. Lever on rose handles are typically fixed with a circular base, which many people consider to be more aesthetically pleasing. 

Other than a small difference in style, these handles operate in much the same way. Connected by a spindle, all that’s needed to open or close these doors is to gently push down on the handle before pushing or pulling. When this happens, the accompanying tubular latch either retracts or moves forward. A closed door remains closed because the latch is held in place by a strike plate. 

Door Knobs And Multipoint Handles 

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Door knobs, which may be chosen for their decorative style, operate in a similar fashion to lever door handles. At least this is the case with sprung varieties of door knob, which spring back into place when used, and are secured by a tubular latch. Unsprung door knobs work on a turn-and-release mechanism, meaning that more manual input is required. 

Multipoint door handles are handles that feature extra locking functionality. They are used on uPVC doors and windows to enhance security and function with the help of one inline spindle. Most multipoint door handle designs work well alongside Euro cylinder locks. 

Adding A Door Lock 

On top of a latch, you may decide that you want to add a lock to your door handle for more security. Some of our designs are supplied with this capacity and some are not. The most common type of lockable handle is keyhole, which requires the use of mortice locks. Euro and Oval cylinder lock plate handles also require a matching mortice lock. Traditional bathroom locks employ a thumbturn mechanism, whereas the others require keys.

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Door Hardware To Suit You 

Whatever your aim, at Doorfit, we’ve got you covered. We’re proud to stock lever handles, pull handles, multipoint handles and door knob sets from the biggest and most reliable manufacturers around. And with everything from regency and Victorian designs to more contemporary styles and finishes, you’re bound to find something for you in our extensive range. 

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