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Garage door maintenance guide

As a key security component, aesthetic feature and entrance way to your property; the maintenance of your garage door is essential.

Although specialists are often required to repair major faults or issues with garage doors, you can easily carry out some routine inspections and maintenance yourself. This can help to test its function and keep it operating well; ensuring it is safe, secure and looking its best all year round.


Visual Inspection

Visually inspecting the mechanisms that operate your garage door is a necessary task that should be carried out every couple of months in order to check the door’s functionality. To do this, stand inside your garage with the door closed and look over the hinges, springs, cables, rollers and pulleys. If any components look out of place, or the cables appear frayed it is advisable to have the garage door inspected by a trained service technician. You should not try to alter the mechanics of the door yourself, due to some of the springs being under high tension that can cause dangerous hazards if improperly altered.

Regular lubrication

As essential elements of your door’s functionality, it is important to regularly lubricate all rollers, hinges, roller tracks and latches with a spray of penetrating solvent, such as WD-40 in order to keep them working smoothly. After you have lubricated these mechanisms, wipe them clean and apply a light 3 in 1 oil to all the parts. If your garage door opener is operated by a chain, also lubricate this component.


Regularly cleaning your garage door will prevent the build up of undesirable dirt and grime which can cause moulding and stains. Thoroughly clean the front of the door with a sponge and soapy water, before rinsing it down with clean water. It is advised that you complete this task annually to maintain a mould and stain free door.

Function tests for automatic garage doors

The following tests should be carried out once a year to guarantee that your garage door’s mechanisms are functioning effectively.

Door balance test

To carry out this test, close your garage door and disconnect the automatic opener, before lifting the door manually. If it lifts smoothly, with little resistance and remains fully open, the door is functioning effectively. If it is difficult to open or does not remain fully open, the door is most likely out of balance and a specialist garage door technician should be consulted.

Force setting test

To begin, open the garage door fully, before closing it using the door openers wall button or transmitter. As the garage door is moving take your hands and lift against the motion in which the door is closing, if the door does not stop moving and reverse easily take your hands away instantly. If the door did not reverse this means that the force setting of the door is too great and needs changing by a specialist technician.

Specific maintenance for different garage door types

Wooden garage doors

Wooden garage doors require maintenance regularly, to ensure that warping and expansion are kept to a minimum. If your garage door is painted or stained, recoat the door at least once a year, whilst if it has weather stripping, which seals the bottom of the door from the elements, ensure that it is not jamming when the door is opened or closed.

If your garage door is heavily warped and isn’t opening and closing properly, a replacement such as the Garador Kingsbury timber up and over garage door will offer a secure and sustainable replacement if maintained appropriately.

Steel garage doors

Steel garage doors, are very durable and can be purchased in a range of colours, but be careful if the paint chips as it can rust easily. To stop the occurrence of rusting, regularly paint over any areas on the door that are chipped, before giving the whole door an additional coat of paint.

If rust does set in and you require a new or replacement steel garage door the Cardale Olympian steel up and over garage door is a durable and sturdy option.

Fiberglass garage doors

Although fiberglass garage doors need little maintenance aside from cleaning, some cheaper fiberglass can be prone to cracking when in cold or unfavourable weather. If your garage door does crack, you should replace it immediately as this damage such can cause potential security and safety implications if left without attention. The Garador Stamford fiberglass up and over garage door, is an ideal, secure replacement option.

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