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Garage door style advice

A well chosen garage door can be a focal point in the appearance of your property, so when the time comes to replace it, we understand the importance of finding the right one.

When choosing a new garage door, you should first consider the current appearance of your home, looking particularly closely at the age of your property and the style of your existing windows and doors. In order to achieve the best outcome, your chosen replacement should complement these, whilst also achieving your desired aesthetic look.

Modern homes

In order to be in-keeping with the overall look and feel of your modern home, we recommend choosing a garage door that follows a similar design to your property’s original garage door.

The most popular original garage doors for properties built throughout the 20th Century were crafted from woods such as cedar and oak, and featured design elements including panelling or small windows. If your home was built in this time frame and you are looking for a replacement garage door, we would recommend that you maintain elements of these design traits. Garage doors such as theGarador Hazelbury fibreglass up and over garage door feature panelling, decorative windows and are available in a range of woodgrain finishes to allow you to find the perfect match for your home. Alternatively, choose a design without windows, such as theHorman 2050 woodstock fibreglass up and over garage door, which still features a classic panelling styling, and is available in Mahogany, Dark Oak, Cherry Oak, Countryside Oak and White woodgrain finishes.

Newer properties built in the 2000s and 2010s often feature light, medium or washed wood finishes to their windows and doors, and the style of these homes often pay tribute to the designs of properties from times gone by. If this sounds fitting for your home, you may choose a garage door such as theWoodrite Shelley side hinged garage door, which boasts a classic design with windows and is available from Doorfit in a selection of finishes including light oak, walnut, silver and silver-grey stained timber. Similarly, theWessex Oslo fibreglass sectional garage door puts a modern spin on traditional wooden garage doors and is available in 15 woodgrain finishes.

Alternatively, if your home has uPVC windows installed, commonly in a contemporary white colourway, we would recommend choosing a garage door in a modern and minimalist design to compliment the current look of your property. Choosing a garage door with a smooth white finish such as theHormann L ribbed silkgrain sectional garage doorwill ensure that your property’s style is coherent,  whilst theGarador GaraRoll insulated roller shutter door will also match your uPVC windows well.

Period properties

As with more modern homes, if you own a period property, at Doorfit we recommend choosing a garage door that will complement the original design of your home and the style of your current windows and doors.

For older homes, this will commonly be a dark wood finish, particularly common in Tudor and gothic style properties. Garage doors to suit this style of property can be difficult to source, however at Doorfit we have selected doors that are ideal for this style of home. TheWessex Gothic fibreglass up and over garage door boasts gothic-styled arched windows and a woodgrain finish available in 15 colours, so you can be sure that there is no need to compromise on finding the right shade for your period home. For Tudor properties or homes that have traditional beams, you may opt for a garage door like theWessex Tudor fibreglass up and over garage door. This garage door is available in dark woodgrain effects to compliment the appearance of your home and has a panelled design to capture the Tudor-era designs.

Want to make a statement?

If you are looking to transform the exterior appearance of your property and move away from traditional garage door fashions, we have more than enough choice for you to make a statement.

Many of our garage doors are available in a variety of colourways which can allow you to inject some personality into standardised designs. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with the colour of your garage door, why not keep it simple with the design? ThisGarador Swintonfibreglass up and over door has simplistic ribbed design and a timber effect finish, which when paired with a choice of 9 bold colours becomes a chic way to make a statement.

Alternatively, help your property stand out with the design of your garage door.The Cardale Bronte timber up and over garage door features a square-panelled pattern, whilst theCardale Dulwich garage door benefits from an unusual sunrise panelling which is guaranteed to transform the exterior of your home.

At Doorfit our large selection of high quality garage doors are available in various styles and finishes ensuring that you can find the right style of garage door to suit your home. If you require any help or advice, please call our expert team on 0121 418 3415, or alternatively,drop into our showroom to speak to a member of staff in person.