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Knowing when it’s time to replace your garage door

Providing both essential security and an aesthetic focal point to the design of a property, garage doors are an important element of any home and as such, should be carefully cared for in order to extend their usable life.

However whilst simple repairs and regular maintenance may yield many years of good service, it is unfortunately inevitable that at some point every garage door will need to be replaced; whether for aesthetic reasons, compromised safety or due to its age.

So what are the main signs to look out for that indicate that it may be time to seek a replacement?

With a variety of door types currently available on the market, there are a range of issues that can occur due to the material used, presenting specific problems related to each.

Wooden garage doors

Whilst presenting a solid security option for your property, this type of door can suffer from a range of issues over time, including warping and expansion due to moisture and surface splintering or damage caused by damp. They may also suffer more seriously from impacts taken from vehicles and can often be associated with problems with the opening mechanisms due to the fact that as a material wood can change shape causing the balance of the door to be thrown out.

Whilst some of these issues may be easily resolved, depending on the extent of the damage you may require a new door altogether. When seeking a replacement consider whether it’s best to opt for another solid wood variety such as the Horman 2121 Chesterfield timber up and over, or whether an alternative, such as the Wessex Canterbury fibreglass up and over or the Horman Vertical Decograin steel up and over, that provides a wood effect but with an alternative structural material, may better suit your needs.

Steel garage doors

A popular choice for many, steel doors offer high durability and versatility in terms of design and colour choices. Nevertheless, over time this product may suffer from rusting and chipping paint and whilst this may not seem to present much of an immediate issue, leaving the metal underneath open to the elements will result in quicker deterioration, compromising it’s strength and therefore its safety and security. It is these issues that will eventually result in the need for a replacement product further down the line.

In terms of replacing this door, there are a number of options available, with many design, material and colour options in existence.

Fiberglass garage doors

As another popular choice for homeowners, fibreglass doors offer a flexible solution, providing durability and easy maintenance, with a high resistance to denting and scratching. However, cheaper fiberglass can experience issues in bad weather, especially when it comes to the cold. This may result in the door cracking and, in more serious cases, beginning to break apart.

The other sign that it may be time to replace your fibreglass garage door comes from the condition of the external finish. If this begins to deteriorate, the inner core of the door may be left open to the elements, allowing it to become damp and over time, start to rot. At this point, a replacement should always be sought.

Similar to steel, there are many possibilities available to you when it comes to choosing a new fibreglass door. Whether you are looking for something that mimics the design of a wooden door, such asGarador Swinton or something a little more modern, like the Wessex Emsworth door with its high gloss finish; there are plenty of options to consider.

In addition, it is also important to note that alongside the difficult decision to seek a replacement, it is also essential that you consider the more technical aspects working behind the scenes, such as the different parts of the opening mechanism comprising of springs and cables. Regardless of what product you choose, if these elements are not functioning correctly, the safety of your door will be compromised and should therefore not be used.

If you have any concerns regarding any parts of your garage door, it is always wise to seek expert advice. Please feel free to call us on 0121 418 3415 or email us at info@doorfit.co.uk, we’ll be happy to help.