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Sliding Pocket Doors: A Complete Guide

When attempting to introduce sliding pocket doors in the home, there are a number of things to consider. If you are on the verge of making the leap (committing to integrating pocket doors) we encourage you to read on.


We will start the post by outline why you may opt to integrate a sliding pocket door system in your home. Plain and simply, they look fantastic. If you are attempting to divide up an open plan space without forfeiting a lot of that space, sliding pocket doors are a great solution. By integrating sliding pocket doors, your home will reflect contemporary design choices. From an aesthetic perspective, we couldn’t recommend pocket doors enough.


Noise/ Light Leaks

When you use a traditional door, they sit tightly when closed and can be an effective deterrent for noise and light. Before installing you should consider that sliding pocket doors are more susceptible to noise and light leaking through. They are also less likely to stop smells. If you were looking to use one of these doors at the entrance to a kitchen or bathroom you may want to consider this when choosing your design.

Efficient Use of Space

Unlike traditional doors, pocket doors will not take up an abundance of space. If you are looking to add traditional doors into the home you will need to leave space for the doors to be able to open. This can limit your options in terms of door placement. If you use pocket doors, you will not have this problem. This means you will be able to place your doors in trickier areas of the home with less available space.

The pocket door system is integrated into the wall and opens along a horizontal path. If you are eager not to exhaust available space in the home then pocket doors are a fantastic option.



Consider accessibility before installing a pocket door in your home; these doors often have flush handles that you slide to open. If you are someone who suffers from dexterity issues, sliding pocket doors may provide reduced accessibility. Unlike a traditional door, you do not have a user-friendly handle to grab to open the door. Arthritis sufferers, for example, may find these doors difficult and benefit from installing more conventional doors.

Create Divisions Easily

If your home leans towards a more open plan, you may be looking to scale back and create some divisions between or within rooms. Perhaps you are looking to make an office space more private or create an extra, separate storage space. Installing pocket doors will help you achieve this and also give you a streamlined finish: making efficient use of space. Adding pocket doors will give you the privacy desired without having to make large and costly structural changes (adding walls). If you are looking to divide a space easily on a moderate budget we recommend integrating sliding pocket doors.

We believe introducing sliding pocket doors is fantastic if you are looking to make efficient use of space whilst creating divisions within an open plan design. We have kits available for sliding pocket doors that will make the installation process that bit easier. You can access them by clicking here.

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