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Garage Door Openers: A Complete Guide

Adding an electric operator to your garage door has a range of benefits, including increased safety, better security and more convenient operation. But which type of garage door opener should you choose and are they really worth the investment? Find all of the answers in our detailed guide below. 

What is a garage door opener? 

Supramatic electric garage door operator

Garage door openers allow home and business owners to open and close their garage doors at the push of a button. Typically operated via a handheld transmitter that controls a radio signal, garage openers can also be activated by switches situated within the garage itself. 

Depending on the individual’s requirements, there are many other different ways that automated garage doors can be operated, with digital keypads, card scanners and fingerprint readers amongst the most popular. 

Garage door openers are well known for their smooth, quiet operation and have numerous safety features that give them significant advantages over traditional methods of garage opening. 

Do I need an automatic garage door opener? 

Although they may be seen as luxury items, there are many good reasons for installing an electric garage door opener. One of the most obvious of these is the improved home security you’ll receive as a result of having a more well-protected garage. Because most automatic garage doors are difficult to open without access to the accompanying handheld transmitter or the resources to get around code-locked keypads and biometric readers, they are a powerful deterrent to burglars and will reduce the likelihood of a break-in on your property. 

Additionally, many people choose to make the switch to electric garage doors because of how much easier they are to operate than traditional garage doors. Remote control operation means that garages can be opened without needing to exit a vehicle, with no need to spend time and effort lifting the door.

What’s more, UK safety regulations now require garage operators to be fitted with an automatic safety reversal mechanism that forces garage doors to stop and retract if contact is made with an obstruction. This has made them safer than ever. 

Which garage doors can be automated? 

up and over doors in Golden Oak

Generally speaking, any type of garage door can be automated with the addition of an electric operator. The ease of this process varies depending on the door in question, as well as the experience of the installer. It’s for this reason that we’d always recommend enlisting the services of a professional when upgrading your garage door. 

At Doorfit, we are able to install openers on side hinged, roller shutter, up and over and sectional garage doors. Our experts can also fit both retractable and canopy up and over doors with electric operators, provided the latter has space for a canopy bow arm converter. 

Types of garage door opener 

There are up to seven recognised types of garage door operator, including chain drive, belt drive and screw drive. Of these mechanisms, belt and chain drives are the most common and will help any door close smoothly and efficiently. 

Because they require less maintenance and run more quietly, belt-driven openers are the preferred choice for residential property owners. By contrast, chain-drive mechanisms, despite being much louder and requiring more upkeep, are chosen by those in commercial settings for their durable properties and ability to lift heavy-duty garage doors with ease. 

Hormann garage door openers 

German manufacturer Hörmann has developed a range of garage door operators perfect for every type of property. Fitted with the certified Bisecur radio system, each of these openers is easy to operate via a portable hand transmitter and can also be controlled with a handy smartphone app. 

The Hormann ProMatic, which can be customised to feature an intelligently designed lifting arm for use with canopy doors, is the most affordable option and enables the quick and easy opening of any type of garage. The Hormann SupraMatic, the manufacturer’s premium option, comes with an integrated Bluetooth receiver, an elegant stainless steel design and the promise of low power consumption, which is particularly helpful for those on a budget. 

Both the ProMatic and SupraMatic are equipped with bright, energy-efficient LED lighting to enhance in-garage visibility and come with two handheld remote controls. 

Garador automatic garage door openers 

Garamatic 10 electric garage door operator

UK manufacturer Garador’s electric operators are reliable, secure and allow users to open their garage doors without leaving the comfort of their cars. Like Hörmann’s garage door openers, Garador’s products comply with the latest European safety standards and boast powerful bi-directional radio technology and integral anti-burglar devices. 

The GaraMatic 9 pairs perfectly with the manufacturer’s sectional and up and over doors, with smooth, noise-free operation at every turn. The GaraMatic 10 is also suitable for sectional and overhead doors, and like the Garamatic 9, comes complete with automatic safety reversal and soft start and start mechanisms, with a slightly larger peak force of 800 N. 

The GaraMatic 10 also has a faster max opening speed than its counterpart (25 cm/s) and an integral LED light with 20 LEDs as opposed to 10. 

How do you manually open a garage door in the event of a power cut? 

Electric garage doors should always be fitted with a manual emergency override system so that they can be opened in the event of a power failure. If this is located inside the garage, you should ensure that you have an alternative access point. If there is only one entrance point to your garage, you should ensure that the manual override system is situated externally. 

How much does a garage door opener cost? 

electric garage door operator

The price of installing an electric garage door operator varies depending on a range of factors, including whether or not your door is already automated and the type of door you wish to upgrade. You could potentially save money if you install the opener yourself but you should only do this if you are confident that you can do a good job. 

If you choose a chain-driven operator, there will also be further maintenance costs to consider to ensure that your door remains at a high level of performance. 

Professional electric garage door installation 

If you’re considering upgrading to an electric garage door, get in touch with Doorfit today. Our expert team has many years of experience in the installation of automatic garage doors and will be able to advise on the best garage door opener for your requirements. 

Book a free site survey and we’ll send one of our professional surveyors to your property as soon as we can.