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Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Roller shutter garage doors allow the optimum drive-through clearance, while their vertical operation makes them the ideal choice where driveway space is limited and garage floor space is scarce. Maximise security and thermal efficiency with this intelligent garage door design

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Ensure the smooth opening and operation of your garage door by making the switch to one of our many high-quality roller shutter models. Whether equipped with electric operators or used manually, this neat slatted design is an extremely versatile option for domestic and commercial settings alike. 

By opening vertically, roller shutters grant users the opportunity to make the most of the space at their disposal. This allows the length of the garage and driveway to be optimised, with further parking options made possible without obstructing doors fitted with bulky control mechanisms. At Doorfit, we are proud to provide a range of sophisticated, fully insulated aluminium roller shutter doors, to give you complete control over your garage space and your safety. 

roller shutter garage doors


When garage doors are fully open, roller shutters are neatly concealed in a box above the entranceway. This means that you are not only conserving floorspace, but you can also utilise every inch of wall space for shelves and storage too. In some instances, shutters can either be installed behind, between or in front of the garage opening, which may help to create even more valuable storage options.  

The functioning of our roller shutter garage doors is made effortless and convenient thanks to remote control operation. Many of our shutter models are automated as standard, and we only supply garage doors that make use of industry-leading motors and control panels that conform to all legislation. As a result, your safety is ensured at all times and the reliability of our roller shutter doors is never compromised. 


When it comes to roller shutter doors, UK customers have two main choices: double-skinned aluminium or single-skin steel. Doorfit specialises in the supply of leading aluminium models, all of which are highly insulated. Such options reduce heat loss, enhance security and protect both garages and garage doors from adverse weather conditions. Our AlluGuard models boast higher thermal properties than most other garage doors, alongside efficient weatherproof sealing to guarantee optimal insulation. 

Doorfit’s roller shutter garage doors are also available in an extensive range of colours to ensure that your choice perfectly complements your home. We even have a range of timber finishes available, with each of our doors manufactured to meet your exact requirements. 

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insulated roller garage doors


Doorfit provides all garage doors and entrance doors in a broad range of colours, to guarantee that your new model fits the aesthetic of your home or work environment with ease. We even cater to the ever-increasing demand for simulated wood grain uPVC windows and doors. The high-quality powder-coated, corrosion-resistant finish of all the exposed components makes this option the number one choice for all external applications. 

As an extra security feature, our made-to-measure insulated roller shutter doors are equipped with Rollixo RTS as standard. Thanks to the safety edge system, an alarm will sound to alert the homeowner of an attempt to manually lift the door. Peace of mind guaranteed with Doorfit!

Our colour range


All AlluGuard77 garage doors are available in an ample selection of low-maintenance, powder coat finish colours to suit all tastes and requirements.


Requiring only 205mm of headroom, the AlluGuard55 has the benefits of the
larger AlluGuard77, but in a compact space.

AlluGuard77 wood effect
Alluguard55 wood effect

Both the AlluGuard77 and Alluguard55 roller shutter garage doors are available in a low maintenance wood effect laminate finish in Mahogany, Golden Oak or Rosewood.

electric roller garage doors

Safety is an essential feature of any automated garage door, and the remote control system we supply with our roller shutter doors provides a reliable yet simplistic operation.

Somfy motor

Motor drives

Select a Somfy motor for a smooth and quiet operation.

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Europa Garage Doors
Alluguard Garage Doors

How does a roller shutter garage door work?

Roller shutters work by sliding up to the top of the garage opening with the help of guide channels. When the shutters are fully open, they fit into a small box above the entranceway, concealing them from view. It is possible to operate this type of garage door manually or automatically, with electric operators helping to open and close the door smoothly.

How beneficial are roller doors for a garage?

Roller doors can provide several benefits to home and business owners, including savings on energy bills and protection from severe weather. Perhaps the biggest advantages of these insulated doors, however, are increased levels of security and the provision of additional storage space.

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