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Hörmann Garage Doors

Hormann is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-performance garage doors and entrance doors. Their extensive product catalogue features innovative designs and styles suitable for both commercial and domestic settings. Whatever you’re searching for, top-quality garage doors, entrance doors and industrial doors are guaranteed with Hörmann. 

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Hormann - Garage Doors you can Trust

Based in Germany, Hormann are recognised throughout the world for their state-of-the-art garage door designs. They specialise in creating technically superior up and over, side hinged, sectional and roller shutter doors and have brought a higher level of sophistication to the garage door market.

Through continuous innovation, Hörmann has expanded its offering to include steel and aluminium front entrance doors and much of the range is available with security and automation upgrades. Hormann sectional garage doors, which feature enhanced security features, are also a very popular option with our customers and can be either 42mm (LPU42) or 67mm (LPU67) thick.

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As a highly regarded name in garage door production, Hörmann’s products are some of the world’s most technically advanced. Every garage door they offer is the perfect blend of strength, security and style and can be automated for added protection and functionality.

Doorfit is part of the prestigious Hörmann Partner Standard Programme, which means we are recognised by the manufacturer themselves for delivering consistently great service to our customers. We offer various types of garage doors from Hormann’s extensive selection and will always install these to the required standard.

Hormann Sectional Doors

We are proud to stock various options from Hormann’s flagship range of sectional doors, including the LPU 42 and LPU 67. The extremely popular Hormann LPU 42 is a double skinned insulated model that provides the perfect combination of security, strength and visual appeal, with the LPU 67 building on these attributes and offering even higher levels of insulation. On certain applications, Hormann sectional garage doors automated with a Hormann electric operator can also be Secured By Design accredited, an acknowledgement which recognises their superior security features.

Another useful option for the sectional door is the wicket door. This is a built-in personnel door that offers easy access to the garage without the need to open it fully.

Hörmann sectional garage doors

Hormann Up & Over Doors

Hormann’s up-and-over range is also extremely popular, with a variety of steel and timber models to choose from. We offer all of these garage doors with either retractable or canopy mechanisms, with optional extras such as maintenance-free steel fixing subframes and a four-point locking upgrade. Each canopy-type door is supplied with an anti-drop mechanism to provide even greater safety and security.

hormann up and over garage doors

Hormann Roller Garage Doors

Our selection of high-quality Hormann roller garage doors features models renowned for their insulation and security properties. The Hormann Rollmatic is our most popular product in this range and comes automated as standard in a variety of appealing colours. Each Hormann roller shutter door is very easy to install and has an emergency manual override.

Hörmann roller garage doors

Hormann Side Hinged Garage Doors

Hormann’s side hinged garage doors are manufactured in a similar way to their industry-leading sectional doors. Made from double-skinned steel PU-foamed infill panels, these models are durable and long-lasting, delivering the high standards that Hormann customers have come to expect. Like all types of Hormann garage door, they can be assembled and fitted by our expert team.

hormann side hinged garage doors

Hormann Electric Garage Doors

Every one of Hormann’s garage door panels can be fully automated, giving you the power to open them at the touch of a button. We can upgrade your garage with the installation of either the Hormann Promatic or Hormann Supramatic electric operators, both of which come with a 5-year guarantee, two handheld transmitters and a range of optional extras. The Supramatic operator also includes Bluetooth connectivity.

Hörmann electric garage doors

Find your perfect Hormann Garage Door at Doorfit

With specialised factories and a commitment to environmentally friendly procedures, Hörmann garage doors’ quality isn’t just in the finished article. A continuous approach to development has led to one-of-a-kind products, tested under real conditions to ensure standards that can’t be found anywhere else.

When you choose Doorfit for your up and over, side sliding, side hinged, roller garage doors or sectional doors, you will benefit from:

  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing procedures
  • Advice tailored directly to your needs
  • The reassurance that comes from dealing with a company founded in 1953
  • An installation and product warranty

Doorfit have been proud members of the Hörmann Partner Standard from day one and a strong relationship between the two companies has been built over 30 years. Hörmann UK Marketing Manager, David O’Mara comments, “Doorfit are one of our Partner Standard dealers and epitomise the type of dealer that Hörmann work with – dynamic and professional. We look forward to the next 30 years.”

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What types of garage door does Hormann produce?

Garage doors are available in many different varieties, including side hinged, up and over and roller shutter. Hörmann produces garage door solutions of the finest quality whilst taking both security and aesthetic considerations into account. Crucially, all types of Hörmann door can be automated, which can increase safety and improve functionality.

Are Hormann garage doors secure?

As is to be expected, Hörmann’s garage doors are incredibly secure. Their sectional models are double-skinned to provide extra strength, whereas BiSecur radio control technology allows you to monitor the safety and security of doors with electric operators at all times. All Hörmann garage door panels are supplied with high-quality locking mechanisms, with additional safety features included to prevent damage or injury as a result of everyday use.

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