Door Closers

Spring-loaded door closers are ideal for both commercial and public service buildings, such as hotels, hospitals and care homes. They enable doors to close automatically as a fire safety measure, to retain heat and to preserve door functionality. When used on fire doors, door closers can hold passageways open for ease of access and will shut in the event of a fire alarm.

Important for workplace and public safety, door closers can have soft-closing and free-swinging properties. At Doorfit, we offer a wide range of durable, high-quality door closing devices, such as floor springs, fire door closers, surface-mounted overhead door closers and those with slide channel arms, to suit your every requirement.

In order not to detract from your building’s aesthetics, we also supply concealed door closers that can fit into morticed recesses. FREE DELIVERY is available on all orders over £50, discover our full range below.