Window Hinges

Window hinges are used to open windows to a required angle. They come in many different varieties, including friction stays and fire escape hinges. The latter is an important safety measure for aiding escape in the event of an emergency, and can open up to 90 degrees for easy evacuation.

At Doorfit, we specialise in friction hinges in various sizes, stocking products in 8-24 inches, so you can choose the hinges that are most suitable for your requirements. Ideal for commercial and domestic settings alike, friction stays are variable hinges that allow for smooth window operation. They can be fixed to both side-hung and top-hung windows, which are usually double-glazed and made from durable uPVC.

Within our collection, you’ll find ferritic steel friction hinges capable of adjusting to 13mm (standard) and 17mm (high) stack heights, as well as a range of top-quality window restrictors to bolster your home security and make your property safer for pets and children. All of our window hinges and restrictors can be shipped throughout the UK and Europe, with FREE DELIVERY on UK orders over £50.