Versa V-MPLSST35 Multi-fit Replacement Multipoint Lock

Versa V-MPLSST35 Multi-fit Replacement Multipoint Lock

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Versa V-MPLSST35 Multi-fit Replacement Multipoint Lock

Product ID: VER-ADJ-2H-T-35-MULT
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Product Description

VERSA V-MPL for Timber Doors - 2 Hook Version

A high security, versatile 3 point locking system designed to replace the largest range of multipoint locks on the market.

Large range of backsets and has the greatest flexibility when replacing existing multipoint locks

It features 600mm of serrations covering almost every hook multipoint on the market and can accept shootbolts

Supplied in 3 parts with serrated shoe connectors and croppable extensions for ultimate flexibility.


  • Features a non handed gearbox with a latch that can be easily reversed
  • The central gearbox features a deadbolt with a 20mm projection when thrown
  • Hooks with hardened steel inserts provide enhanced protection against attack
  • Adjustable packers mean that keeps will fit any profile

Application uses

  • A unique repair lock designed to replace the largest range of multipoint locks on the market
  • Supplied with specific keeps designed to fit timber doors


  • Spindle - Split spindle or Lift lever
  • Can be cropped to replace the majority of multipoint locks in the UK market

Latch reversal: Push a flat bladed screwdriver into the small rectangular slot above spindle and pull out latch at same time. Reverse and reinsert
Nightlatch reversal: Remove the latch to reveal a small screw. Use a small bladed screw driver to turn the screw 180 degrees then return latch to the correct position


  • Backset: 35mm
  • Centres: 92mm
  • Faceplate: 20mm
  • Length: Maximum 2430mm, Minimum: 1405mm
  • Case Height: 195mm
  • Case Depth: Backset + 16mm
  • Distance between hooks - adjustable from 724mm to 1724mm

Supplied with

  • Central gearbox section
  • 2 x Hook extension pieces
  • 1 x Latch & deadbolt keep
  • 2 x Hook keeps
  • 2 x Frame fixing tabs
  • Adjustable packers to suit any profile

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Additional Versa V-MPLSST35 Multi-fit Replacement Multipoint Lock Information

Manufacturer Versa
Lock Type Multipoint
Lock Operation Euro Cylinder
Lock Backset 35mm
Lock Centres 92mm
Follower Size (mm) 8
Faceplate Width 20mm
Environmental Suitability Exterior
Mechanism 2 Hook, 1 Deadbolt
Door Material Suitability Timber / Composite