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What are the benefits of Protus fire doors?

Protus Fire Doorsets eliminate all the problems associated with building a fire door on site. By purchasing one of our fire door sets directly, you will enjoy the following benefits.

protus fire doorsets
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Every Protus Fire Doorset manufactured by Doorfit features all the components required for a fully functional fire door. Each set includes a door leaf, door frame, smoke seals, glazing units, ironmongery and all the essential hardware needed to ensure optimal fire protection. All the parts are fully certified too, saving you time, money, and stress.

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Installed to a high standard?:

If you choose to follow the route of on-site joinery construction, the sum of the parts is full of risk. You’ll need to ensure the compliance of each component and check that the installer has fitted each item as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Gaps in the seals? Door to frame gap over 3mm? Correct signage? Choose Protus Doorsets to eliminate the uncertainty.

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Less Paperwork:

Creating and installing fire doors from separate components can leave you with lots of paperwork. When you purchase a Protus Fire Doorset, we’ll take this off your hands and provide you with a product that offers certified fire protection.

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As most of the assembly is completed ahead of time, our fire doorsets require minimal on-site fabrication. This allows your team to make light work of the installation, giving you peace of mind that your fire doors are installed according to all necessary building and fire regulations for England and Wales.

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A range of features:

Built to order in a quality-assured factory to guarantee compliance, our high-quality fire door sets have many essential safety features, such as intumescent seals and fitted vision panels. We offer doors with FD30, FD60 and FD120 fire ratings, as well as PAS 24 doorsets and several dB options, to help you ensure your that building adheres to all agreed fire safety precautions and risk assessments. Protus entrance doorsets have achieved certification for both safety and security with FD30, PAS 24 and Q Mark Fire Door Manufacture. We can manufacture them to your requirements with a range of styles and finishes, including primed for painting, fully finished, veneer and laminate. Non fire-rated PAS 24 doorsets are also available.

Standard Door Sets

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Protus Doorsets

protus fire doorsets


Protus Fire Doorsets eliminate all the problems associated with building a fire door on site. Contact us today to purchase one of our ready-made fire safety solutions for yourself.

  • FD30, FD60 & FD120 ratings.
  • Factory prepared for ironmongery.
  • Factory fitted vision panels.
  • dB ratings available.
  • Precise tolerances.
  • Effortless compliance with certification.
  • Faster installation.
  • Lower life cycle cost.

Purchase fully compliant fire doors today

protus fire doorsets


Internal fire doors help reduce the spread of fire through buildings, giving occupants time to escape in the event of an emergency. It is a legal requirement for employers, building owners, leaseholders, and other responsible persons to ensure that fire-rated doors are in place on their properties as part of site-wide fire safety plans. Learn more about fire door safety.

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