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Doorfit Timber Door Sets

Specifying Doorfit Doorsets ensures you get the benefit of a fully integrated product including the door, frame, architraves, glazing and all the operating Ironmongery and hardware. Certified performance is guaranteed by testing the complete assembly of a doorset. Doorfit Doorsets are fully compliant with relevant building regulations including Approved Document M, HTM58 and HTM59, and PAS24.

We are able to supply through our network of veneer laminate and paint suppliers unlimited options for your bespoke doors and specifying a complete doorset ensures total fire and smoke regulatory compliance that cannot be guaranteed so easily when doors and frames are purchased separately.

Our standard doorsets can encompass vision panels which come in all shapes and sizes, including circular, square and rectangular, with the option to include multiple panels within a single doorset and there are of course many glazing options available to suit the needs of your project. Doorfit offer a wide range of standard vision panel choice with the option of a bespoke service if you have a particular style in mind.

Doorfit doorsets have undergone extensive testing to certify the level of performance for which they are designed, we can offer up to 120 minutes of fire protection depending on the needs of your environment and in addition to the fire protection provided by the doorset, your chosen Doorfit ironmongery will also adhere to any regulatory standards.

Doorfit door operators can be fitted to almost any single or double leaf timber door, this makes them ideal for both new and retrofit installations. Our swing door operators can feature an articulated or slide arm option and a spring or motor-powered door closer. They can also feature optional battery back-up and secure interlock features. Doorfit has worked with a number of major brand suppliers such as Geze and DormaKaba to integrate their swing door operators into access control solutions specified and installed by us.